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oh, my god. >> you need to do it. >> let me do it. >> oh, my god. i thought my shirt just like fell open. making sure i didn't expose myself. that was terrible. i'm sorry. we have no fun here. >> reporter: in hollywood adam housley, fox news. >> the news keeps coming tonight, brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. a seemingly more compassionate response tonight from pepco about its possible role in a house fire we first told you about last night. the homeowner blames the power company for the fire saying it took hours for crews to show up after he reported a live wire down. fox 5's bob barnard in the newsroom now with the update. >> well, still no official cause of the fire and pepco is not taking blame, but is promising to make it right if their response time proves culpable.
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the constantino home on manning place northwest is dark and boarded up. fire damaging the two-story house, its holiday dressings in tatters. >> we're out of the house for months. it's unliveable, smoke and fire damage. there's no floor in two rooms. we're in a hotel for the holidays. >> reporter: lou constantino is heading to dinner with his family and out of town relatives who were staying at the house. >> it's my birthday. >> reporter: it's your birthday, oh, man. d.c. fire officials say it was an electrical fire, but they're not assessing blame. lou is pointing fingers at pepco claiming it took the utility four hours to show up after calling to report sparks flying from a downed wire outside the house. >> i'd still like to know what constitutes an emergency at pepco, you know. a homeowner calling that their house is on fire doesn't constitute an emergency. the fire department calling that a home is on fire doesn't
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constitute an emergency. i'm just amazed. >> reporter: what does pepco say now one day later? >> we're still in the initial phases of the investigation. >> reporter: which pepco spokesman clay anderson says could take some time. >> once we find out the result of the investigation, whatever that is, we will make it right for our customer. that's the pepco way and that's 0 we intend to too. >> reporter: anderson -- what we intend to do. >> reporter: anderson said monday was a busy day for crews responding to wind-related calls for service. he said he's not sure whether that delayed their response to this one. >> we care about all of our customers and this situation, while it is unique, we'll do all we can to make sure we do the right thing. >> reporter: again d.c. fire investigators have ruled it an accidental electrical fire but have not determined exactly how or where it started. >> we know you'll stay on top of it. a robbery suspect is dead after the man he was trying to rob turned the tables. it happened at 3:30 in the morning at dunkin' donuts in the 3400 block of laurel ft. meade road in anne arundel
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county. the man went into the dunkin' donuts, told the owner he had a gun. the two fought, the robber got shot in the leg and died a short time later. the blizzard is over, but travel conditions are a nightmare for travelers and at new york's jfk airports passengers on at least three planes waited seven, eight, even 10 hours on the runway. they landed, couldn't get space at the gate. other passengers are sleeping on cots, the airport floors just waiting to get out. frustrations are boiling over. >> call on the phone, but you can't get them on the phone. so if you don't come to this counter, if you're not at the airport and get to the counter, you're not going to get anything. >> away from the airports new york city streets look like that. hundreds of abandoned city buses are sitting in snowbanks. mayor michael bloomberg admit it's a bad situation. he believes streets will be cleared tomorrow but maybe not even then.
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tens of thousands of passengers left stranded during the weekend's blizzard now scrambling to find their way he home and many of the travelers were diverted -- way home and many of the travelers were diverted to airports not even close to where they wanted to go. plenty of travelers here in the washington area are at their wits end trying to figure out how to get to their real destination. fox 5's tisha top of so be has the story. >> reporter: people trying -- thompson has the story. >> reporter: people trying to get home say they've tried everything, planes, trains and automobiles and say the one option that seems to be working seems to be the cheapest, taking the bus. lynnette penn has spent the last 48 hours trying to get from ft. lauderdale to richmond. >> after a while i just wanted to cry. i couldn't take it anymore. it was too much. i just wanted to get home. >> reporter: she flew to d.c. after her original flight was stuck in philadelphia. >> first flight was like 11:30 a.m. that was canceled. then they had me stand by for 2
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p.m. that was canceled. then 4:00, 4 p.m., that was canceled. and then there was nothing. >> reporter: we found her waiting for a mega bus just one of hundreds of stranded travelers turning to discount bus lines to get home. >> we're trying to make it to boston since sunday. >> reporter: helen phillips said she finally gave up on southwest airlines and bundled already 9-year-old grandson and her 5-year-old granddaughter onto the bolt bus. what do you want to do? >> get on the bus. >> reporter: yeah. you're tired of traveling? >> the only thing we could get that would get us up there. >> reporter: but the bolt bus is now completely sold out until friday as more and more people bail out of d.c.'s airports and train stations. over on first street gray hound has been rapidly adding buses to its normal route and says it will never technically sell out because it will just keep adding buses until everyone gets where they need to go. as for lynnette penn, she
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handed over her ticket. >> i'm just hoping nothing goes wrong. >> reporter: and finally made it home to richmond. >> thank you. >> reporter: lynnette said she now needs to figure out where her bags went. her best guess is they're probably still in florida. as for all of these folks here, they say the bus is definitely the best option to get out of town. in northwest tisha thompson, fox 5 news. eight people wound up at the hospital after a chairlift derailed at a ski resort in new england. some of them kids fell as much as 30 feet. the lift was 35 years old due to be replaced at sugar loaf mountain in maine. the wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. other skiers were stuck on the lift more than an hour. the news edge on maryland, a prince george's county official charged with assault last month cleared. remember this story? the director of the county's youth commission claimed then councilwoman mary lynn bland grabbed him by his collar screaming and cursing because he started a meeting without
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her, but after looking at surveillance video and interviewing witnesses, prosecutors say there was not enough evidence to move forward. bland is now the clerk of the circuit court. president obama thanking the philadelphia eagles for hiring quarterback michael vick, but do the rich and fame have an advantage when it comes -- famous have an advantage when it comes to second classes? we're going to take a closer look next. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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americans have chosen president barack obama as the most admired man of the year, the third time the president has come out on top of the annual usa today gal hop poll. secretary of state hillary clinton was -- gallup poll. secretary of state hillary clinton was named the most admired woman for the ninth day in a row.
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president obama called the philadelphia eagles owner to praise the decision to rehire nike michael vick. a spokesman for the president says he condemns vick's crimes but believe people who paid for their actions should be allowed to contribute to goat. fox 5's stacy hoe -- to society again. fox 5's stacey cohan has the story. >> chuck brown, fair con, don king. >> reporter: the brag wall is extensive but also includes his less impressive moments. >> this is when i was in prison right here. this is the brand banned room. >> reporter: moton is best known as a community activist who co-founded peaceoholics and worked to help inner city kids. >> the first thing that i said, oh, this is great but then i said well, i wonder what would michael vick be doing today if he wasn't given a second chance? >> reporter: most of the young people moton knows don't get
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jobs out of prison. they don't get credit or college grants either. it's a separate standard for the rich and famous he says, but he hopes vick's success will even the playing field for others. >> he has to keep going in the direction that he's going or it will shut the door on this once again. >> reporter: but people aren't the only ones that need second chances. pitbulls like georgia could use one, too. >> when you think of second chances, you automatically think well, they did something wrong and now they need to get their -- they've paid their debt, but that's not the case here. >> reporter: the only thing these dogs did wrong was being born all or part pitbull. dogfighters like vick have helped turn the image of a breed once dubbed america's dog into one of unmanageable monsters. >> i believe we've seen people come into the shelter, fall in love with a dog, interact with the dog and then find out it's labeled as a pitbull and decide not to adopt it.
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>> reporter: like 2-year-old georgia here, a pitbull with more than a few tricks up her paw. >> sit, down, roll over. take your seat. >> reporter: the highly trained loveable dog has been waiting three months for a home and then there's sky. her rear left foot never quite formed, but this bundle of energy is as sweet and as playful as any pup. they can't score a touchdown, but they can touch your heart if someone will give them a second chance, too. stacey cohan, fox 5 news. d.c. mayor elect vincent gray will be sworn in this sunday. you're invited. you'll need a ticket to go to the big gala with the new mayor and other officials. we'll tell you where to grab yours free coming up next. can you fly this plane and land it? >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious. don't call me shirley. >> the classic comedy airplane will forever be remembered. the library of congress has added the 1980 movie to its national film registry.
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each year the library adds 25 films. this year there are some memorable additions. among them the exorcist, empire strikes back, all the president's men, the pink panther. overall there are 560 films in the registry which was first established in 1989. 
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with the new year coming fast time to make those last minute donations to charity for your 2010 taxes. don't wait until new year's eve to drop off your stuff if you can help it at all unless you want to sit in a long line.
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the busiest day of the year for donations. sort your items and don't forget to grab a receipt. the housing market still bumping along now. laura evans has your fox 5 top five. >> today a standard & poor's index showed price declines across the board. no. 5, washington d.c. and las vegas had the lowest drops in the study. the 20 city index is up 4.4% from the lowest point in april of 2009. it remains nearly 30% below the peak, which was in july of 2006. no. 4, no more rummaging around for one and two cent postage staffs when rate go up. an insider at the u.s. postal service said starting january all first class stamps will be marked forever. the new policy will be announced in a couple weeks. no. 3, you are officially invited to the inauguration of d.c. mayor elect vincent gray. he'll be sworn in sunday at the washington convention center. the event is free and open to the public, no ticket required for the prayer service or swearing in ceremony, but you
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will need a ticket to get into the gala that night. there are 7,500 free tickets up for grabs. those are at the convention center tomorrow and thursday between 10:00 and 2:00 to be picked up. no. 2, new year's eve days away and here's a number you'll want to put in your phone if you plan on celebrating with alcohol. sober ride is offering free cab rides between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. the number there, 1-800-200- taxi. the first 30 bucks of the ride is free. you'll have to cover the costs of anything over that. if you don't use sober ride, you can home on metro once the party winds down. no. 1 tonight, trains will run from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. friday and saturday. buses will run on a sunday schedule friday, saturday and sunday and that is tonight's fox 5 top five. a guy in brooklyn heights new york recorded video of a city tow truck slamming a front end loader into a parked suv. the heavy machinery didn't just
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hit the ford expedition once. crashed into the suv over and over, sideswiped it, got pushed forward, came back, knocked the bumper off right there. all that to get the thing out of the snow and back out onto the street. several people were yelling for them to stop. the tow truck driver didn't listen. the front end loader guy didn't listen and then you can see the mess left behind. by the way, apparently that belongs to the city as well. that car. so ultimately maybe no harm, no foul. >> good thing there's no audio. that would have been interesting, too. >> dumb and dumber taking care of the snow on your streets in new york. >> i'm sure they had this kind of snow last year, but they seem to be really out of sorts with it this year, maybe not expecting that quantity. >> again we feel not much sorrow for you. been there, done that. >> wow, it's good to see d.c.'s not in the spotlight. they'll start melting it off, though, in the next few days. new york didn't warm up too much today because the snow
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cover keeps the temperatures down, but we had a day that was a little warmer than advertised, a nice west wind starting to develop and while the wind has lightened up now and we will drop to the 20s later tonight, it was nice to get a temperature of 46 degrees. boston was still 35 degrees, detroit pretty chilly at 29, but down to our south we're beginning to see warmer temperatures. these are the high temperatures today. check out brownsville texas up to 74 degrees. it's been cold down to florida including miami at 64 degrees today. it now seems as though we'll begin to see a shift in the pattern and a little break. maybe it's tremor, put a break is a break and it's on the way -- temporary, but a break is a break and it's on the way. average high is 44 degrees. we'll be 46 tomorrow. it's starting to look like thursday we'll be above 45 degrees with clouds and maybe a light shower in the afternoon. the skies will brighten friday for new year's eve, looks like a dry day. new year's day saturday i think we'll see light showers beginning around here as early
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as maybe 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening. so that is still on track and nothing has changed. the cold air is going to start invading the west. jet stream will take a dive and that means the warm-up continues for the east as an area of high pressure gets off the coast. watch for temperatures to be some 10, maybe 12 or 15 degrees above average as we end this week and begin the new year. not sure we'll keep it going too far into the month of january, but it will be nice to catch a little break. it's been a long haul this december, which has been so much colder than normal. in fact, so cold today's high temperature was the third warmest day so far this month. you have to go back to the 11th to find a day warmer than this, only one degree warmer and back to the 1st to find a day at 65 degrees. dulles 44, bwi43 degrees. temperatures are dropping to the 20s in some spots, but it's not all that cold. manassas is tanking at 21 degrees, the district 36, baltimore and gaithersburg 32 and frederick 34 degrees. a big deal is now the winds are
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so much lighter, not picking up gusts, only a few spots like martinsburg getting a gust to 22 miles per hour. with the light wind we will drop to the 20s even in the district and it will be a cold start in the morning, but it will be a nice sunny bright day. you'll need those sunglasses, 46 degrees. all the salt on your car will show up if you came from a snowy area on your holiday trip. it will be a snowe we mild. it's been such a long -- snowy and mild. it's been such a long time since we've had 40s in the temperatures. i think we'll add a shower for thursday in the afternoon. right now new year's eve 50 degrees, well above it saturday at 55 degrees, great way to ring in the new year even if it comes with nighttime showers and sunday a little cooler and 48 degrees. hey, dave will talk a little more about the winter classic and all things basketball when we return on the news edge. 
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the last time the caps made the canadiens it was game seven of the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. montreal the eighth steed beat washington the one seed at verizon -- seed beat washington the one seed at verizon seed. tonight the loose puck to jay beagle who backhands it in without looking and it makes it. beagle's second goal of the
11:24 pm
year, 1-0 caps. he's looking ovielike. that was beautiful. later in the 1st period nicklas backstrom on the right side, patsed to mike green and gets his seventh -- passed to mike green and gets his seventh of the year. caps take a 2-0 lead. final minute alex ovechkin wins the race to the puck. caps blank the canadiens 3 -0. they are 4-0-1 since their eight-game losing streak. mike green, what do you have? >> any time we got off to a good start and score that first goal, you know, we're usually successful from the past, but more importantly, like we talked about, it was more important for us to. [ the lead and not be -- protect the lead and not be too a aggressive and play a solid game. sunday will be the last game for the redskins this season, not all the redskins. d'angelo hall will have another game in hawaii, the pro bowl
11:25 pm
for the third time in his career but the first as a redskin. this season he's recorded erica here high 104 tackle -- a record high 104 tackles and six interceptions making him second in the league while his eight take-aways tie him for the lead league. brian orakpo and mike sellers were named first alternate. maryland plays in the military bowl tomorrow at 2:30 against east carolina. a 38-31 win over nc state highlighted by wide receiver troy smith's four touchdowns. tomorrow will mark the end of the ralph friedgen era. 10 years as the head coach at his alma mater. >> just a weird week. i haven't slept very well and a lot of things going on in my mind. just how to handle different situations, game plan, you know, coaching changes within my staff, try to get my coaches
11:26 pm
jobs, just a lot of things going on. speaking of the terps redskins corner kevin barnes came up with his first career nfl interception sunday against the jags. the overtime pick by the second year player from maryland set up the game winning field goal. barnes game changing play didn't go unnoticed by his former teammates. >> kevin is a great player. i remember going against him. he used to coach me up and tell me what i could do because i came straight from quarterback. he used to tell me what i was going to do and that i had potential. i was finally glad to see him get his shot and take advantage of it. the redskins are lucky to have him. >> reporter: nc state facing west virginia. russell wilson connects with mustafa green who bounces off a tackler and scores from 16 out. wolfpack defeat the mountaineers 23-7. both teams finish season 9-4. ain't hoops now, the bison in white and it's alfonzo leery with an easy
11:27 pm
finish, but howard never got closer than eight in the 2nd half. ryder wins 78-64. howard has lost nine of its last 10. the vikings surprise the eagles tonight 24-14. we'll be live tomorrow at 6:00 at rfk, a look at ralph friedgen's final game with maryland. i'm dave feldman. brian is back in a moment. 
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